USDA Funded Water System Improvement Project


General Project Information
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The City of Mart USDA Funded Water System Improvement Project will rebuild much of the city's aging water system. Its purpose is to ensure good quality and abundant drinking water for citizens and water users for years to come. It will also begin much needed street repair in Mart as it will fund the first phase (4.5 miles) of Mart's Street Improvement Project. The project is divided into 4 separate contracts, as shown below.

* Please note all renderings and drawings shown on should NOT be taken as final specs of the project. Contractors should get all specs and project information for bidding purposes from specs and plans via CivCast

Contract 1 - Intake and Water Treatment Plant
Summary: The construction of water treatment plant improvements including new raw water intake, pump station, clarification and filtration equipment, sludge thickening and decant and dewatering equipment, new high service pump station and clearwell. The new plant will be twice the size of the current plant in order to support growth and wholesale water production. The new intake structure will be much more integral and built in a deeper area of the lake to solidify production against drought conditions. Shown below is an aerial rendering of the new WTP.

Contract 2 - HWY 164 Booster Pump Station
Summary: The project includes construction of a 500,000 gallon ground storage tank, control valve building, and associated piping, valves, fittings, electrical, demolition, and site restoration work. The location of this new concrete ground storage tank will be where the blue-colored steel GST sits close to the former Anderson High/Mart Middle School on Battle Lake Road near Hwy 164. The current ground storage tank will be demolished. The new concrete tank will be much sturdier than the thin steel tank it is replacing, making it last well into the future. Below is a photo of a concrete ground storage tank similar to the tank that will be built in the USDA project.
Concrete Ground Storage Tank

Contract 3 - Distribution System Improvements
Summary: Project consists of the installation of approximately 4.2 miles of 6-inch through 12-inch diameter new water line and appurtenances including fire hydrants, valves, service connections and pavement restoration work. The new water lines will replace problematic waterlines in the system, including old and undersized lines, make more loops and less dead end lines, and create two separate pressure planes in the in-town system. All of these measures will increase pressure throughout the entire in-town system. Included in this project is also approximately 4.5 miles of street repair.

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Contract 4 - Transmission Main Replacement
Summary: The installation of approximately 23,500 linear feet of 16" HDPE water main including associated valves, fire hydrants, service connections, fences, gates and restoration work. The project will include three (3) directionally drilled crossings totaling approximately 1,850 linear feet of 16" HDPE water main.

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Project Updates
Updated: 11/11/19

On August 16, 2019, the City of Mart received authorization to advertise for bids on the USDA funded water system improvement project that will rebuild much of the city's aging water system in addition to the first four miles of city streets. USDA is providing the city with $17 million in funding in the form of a $12 million low interest loan and a $5 million grant.

The City of Mart has completed advertisements for bid and pre-bid conferences. The bid openings will take place on 9/24/19, 9/26/19, 10/8/19 and 11/26/19.

The following is a tentative schedule of events leading up to the project's construction. You can get more information at Mart City Hall or by visiting the MRB Group's Mart office at 507 E. Texas Avenue in Mart next to Read's Food Store.

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Tentative Schedule Leading Up to Construction of
City of Mart USDA Funded Water System Improvement Project

DATE: 8/25/19 & 9/1/19 [COMPLETED]
EVENT: Advertisements for Bid
LOCATION: Mart Messenger and Waco Tribune Herald
Advertisements will be posted online and in Mart Messenger and Waco Tribune Herald for contractors to bid on the four contracts that make up the entire project. Those contracts are the Intake/Surface Water Treatment Plant, Water Transmission Main, Hwy 164 Booster Pump Station/Ground Storage Tank, In-Town Water Distribution System/Streets. Online advertisement will be posted via Civcast. To view advertisements and bidding information, click here.

Bid Conference on 9/10/19DATE: 9/10/19 & 9/11/19 [COMPLETED]
EVENT:  Pre-Bid Conference
LOCATION: City of Mart Council Chambers
Pre-bid conferences will be held at Mart City Hall for all potential contractors. Booster Pump Station and Intake Structure/WTP pre-bid conferences will be held on 9/10 and the Transmission Main and Distribution System pre-bid conferences will be held 9/11. The engineers will be present to answer questions about each contract and conduct a site visit of the proposed project locations.

DATE: 9/24/19 [COMPLETED] 9/26/19 [COMPLETED] 10/8/19 [COMPLETED] 11/26/19
EVENT: Bid Opening
LOCATION: City of Mart Council Chambers

The Transmission Main bid openings will be held on 9/24. The Distribution System bid opening will be held on 9/26. The Booster Pump Station bid opening will be held on 10/8. The Water Treatment Plant and Intake bid opening will be held on 11/26. MRB Group will evaluate and tabulate each bid for each contract in order to make a recommendation to the city council. Once the evaluation is complete and MRB Group’s recommendations will be sent to USDA for their approval.

DATE:  Week of 12/9/19
EVENT: Contract Award
LOCATION: City Council Meeting
Following USDA approval of the contract recommendations, MRB Group will present the bid tabulation and recommendation for award of each contract. The city council will then vote to award each contract. Following the council meeting, contractors will secure bonding (insurance) and execute contract documents for submital to the city. The city and City Attorney will execute contracts that will then go to USDA for their approval.

DATE: 12/27/19
EVENT: Loan/Grant Closing and Pre-Construction Conference
The USDA loan and grant documents will be executed (closed) by the city. Contractors will be released to begin construction.

DATE: 1/4/2019
EVENT: Groundbreaking Ceremony
Ceremony to kickoff water system improvement project.